General Info On Courts:

Tennis Courts:

- Standard match size court: 18m x 36m
- Smallest playable size: 17m x 34m
- Orientation Court: North/ South
- Playing Area: +/- 11m x24m
- Height of fencing (full height): 3.6m
- Height of fencing (dropped side): 1.0m

Height of net:
- Centre: 915mm
- At Net Post: 1.070mm

Size of Courts:

- Basketball Court: 17m x 34m
- Netball Court: 17m x 34m
- Volleyball Court: 11m x 20m

Lighting System:

- 8 x Poles - 7m - 7.5 m above ground.

- 8 x 400 Watt Metal Halide lighting system.