Multi- sport Courts 

What is a multi purpose sports court?

Multi courts are normally artificial sand-dressed surfaces. These surfaces can be used for tennis, cricket, netball and soccer. The courts can have the added benefit of having or containing additional elements. These elements can be lights. With the addition of lights, these facilities can be used during night time as well, giving kids the opportunity to focus on their studies and school work during the day.

The main advantage of having access to multi sport courts is that it allows you to effortlessly sitch between your favourite sports for example, tennis or netball. Multi-sport courts can give you and your family the advantage of making the most out of your home. This is done because families can spend more time on courts playing different sports. 

Multi-use courts are courts which can be marked to be used with a couple of sports activities. Usually those courts are marked for one number one game and then “ghost lines” are applied in a exceptional colour or colour. Though the measurements of all tennis courts are the same, the variety of surfaces on which matches are played can be segregated into three primary types – grass courts, hard courts and clay courts. These are prime examples of a multi sport court.


  • Can create a more healthy way of life for the ones dwelling withinside the home.
  • Creates bonding interest for citizens.
  • A multi-use courtroom docket permits people to play a couple of sports activities at the equal courtroom docket.

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