Barramastic & Barracote

These are our core products which have been successfully used on tennis courts and recreational surfaces world wide for over thirty years and as a coating on traffic islands, kerbs, crossover points and pavements


A specially formulated line paint which has the same texture and playabilty as the surface ensuring a consistent bounce


An optional luxury cushioned interlay that reduces wear and tear on joints, muscles, and tendons. Leading orthopaedic surgeons strongly support this innovation.


A fibreglass application, used when resurfacing a cracked court, ensures that cracking does not reoccur, which inevitably happens when a cracked court is simply resurfaced. The only other alternative to eliminate cracking is to remake the court.

Barrett's surfaces are cost effective because the are easy to apply; maintenance free; and long lasting. All our surfaces are non-reflective, non-slip, and retain their properties in all kinds of weather.