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Here at Barretts we specialise in Construction and Resurfacing of all Sports Courts facilities. Whether it is needed for a tennis court or basketball court, we offer all the options to you, so don't waste your time and Get a Quote.

We are dedicated at providing our clients with quality court construction and maintenance in and around Gauteng.

We often know that our clients may worry about what time of base is needed for a sport court. Our answer to you is that any sport court is constructed based on different sub bases. Ideally, Concrete pads are the recommended base for outdoor courts however we can offer base structures from Asphalt pads and Compacted Stone base options. Some courts have been designed and built on a wood platform due to the geographic topography of the area.

So does this mean that I can put my sport court on grass? 

No, we do not recommend installing basketball court tiles over grass or dirt. Neither grass nor dirt can provide a flat surface for the sport tiles. Additionally, grass and dirt are prone to erosion which eventually leads to an uneven playing surface.

So does this mean I can put my sport court on gravel?

Gravel pavers are a great alternative to concrete when you are building an outdoor basketball court. They create a flat, sturdy surface to be used in combination with our interlocking basketball court tiles

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