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Barrett’s Systems

Benefits of the Barrett’s Tennis Court Sufaces


Play ability

Barrett’s all-weather surface is the first choice of professional tennis players and private users alike because:


Barrett’s all-weather textured tennis court surfaces

  • provides a consistently true bounce at a controlled speed
  • has no glare or reflection
  • is non-slip
  • is unaffected by extremes of temperature and is always comfortable underfoot 


Surface superiority

Barrett’s has built over 35 000 courts, locally since 1953 and internationally since 1960. Barrett’s all-weather surface is in such demand because:

  • It is a 100% all-weather surface with quick drainage. A built-in drainage slope ensures equally quick water run-off and drying times after a deluge or a light shower.
  • The entire court area is seamless.
  • The Barracote colours are attractive AND non-fading.
  • The Barrett’s base construction system is durable, reliable and time-tested.
  • Our technical division is constantly refining and improving the surface. Barraflex, the innovative luxury cushioned interlay for a more resilient surface, is a recent example. 
  • Barraflex resilient interlay further reduces joint and limb fatigue. This layer is an optional extra.


Value for money

A tennis court is a sound investment, not only financially, but in good health and enjoyment as well.

The reasons why a Barrett’s court provides such good value for money are:

  • Barrett’s materials are produced under high-tech conditions and subject to rigorous quality control.
  • Barrett’s franchise holders are experienced and reliable contractors of high repute who build Barrett’s courts to international standards.
  • Barrett’s all-weather surface is long-lasting and hard-wearing.
  • When resurfacing is required (10 to 15 years on a private court, 5 to 10 years on a club court) the court is restored to its original condition simply, quickly and inexpensively.


Barrett’s surface system

  • 1. Barracote playing surface. A fine-grained, deep-textured coloured compound.
  • 2. Barramastic blended vinyl compound. Two layers.
  • 3. Barraflex cushioned layer (optional extra).
  • 4. Barragrit premix filler coat.
  • 5. Chipped stone course sprayed with bitumen emulsion.
  • 6. Base course of approved gravels or crusher run compacted to required standards.
  • 7. Compacted sub-soil base. Soil tests are carried out when required.